Wednesday, November 6, 2013


The final cardigan pattern for 2013 was released today. Edgewick is a medium weight, zippered jacket knit back and forth on a long circular needle from the bottom up. Stitches are picked up around the arm and the sleeves are knit down to the optional fold-back cuff with short rows to shape the sleeve cap. I-cord is applied down the front before the zipper is sewn in and stitches are picked up around the neck to knit the collar. Both cuff options pictured are available in the pattern.

Edgewick Back
Edgewick Front

I really enjoyed designing this jacket with multiple options. Two different cuffs and the side "vents", knit in the slipped stitch pattern, can be omitted if you prefer.  

I designed Edgewick to have a zipper rather than buttons and buttonholes, but you can always do buttons. One of my test knitters (Tigerli on ravelry) decided to use buttons rather than a zipper. I love it! And aren't the colours she used fantastic?

Tigerli's Edgewick Jacket
Don't be scared to change a pattern around a bit. Moving waist/hip shipping or adding it if the pattern doesn't call for it is pretty easy. As well as eliminating design elements you don't want. Most importantly enjoy your knitting time!

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  1. I am a zipper person myself, but I love what she did with it! That is pretty! Sam