Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Pure Wool by Sue Blacker

I love to use wool yarn for my knitting and crocheting projects. There's just something about the feel of wool, whether it is soft/superwash or rustic and rough, that makes me go aaahh!

I recently went to an amazing used book store on vacation and picked up Pure Wool by Sue Blacker. In it she talks about 16 different breeds of sheep. Amazing! I had no idea there were so many and I suspect this is just a sampling of the many more out there.

The book has so much information on each breed such as: approximate fleece weight, staple length, micron count, crimp, natural colours, rare breed status, history, and many pictures of fleece and resulting yarn. As well as at least one knitting pattern for each breed type (some have two). 

And of course many sheepy pictures!


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