Thursday, November 6, 2014


These last few weeks I've rally felt like Dug from the movie UP. So many pretty things to look at and be distracted by, especially on Ravelry. 

Just yesterday I found a really cute mini sweater pattern by Emily5446. Ravelry user lownes has turned it into an adorable garland.

© lownes

And then there was this Mini Christmas Stocking Ornament by Julie Williams turned into another garland by Miyayo.

© miyayo
Never mind what I already have going on the needles .... and half written patterns, samples that need photographing, and too many new ideas swirling around in my head!

How to cope ....

Short of adding more hours to a day (wouldn't it be nice to have 30 or 40 hours in a day rather than the 24 we currently have), or not sleeping (my family wouldn't be happy with a grumpy Mom) there must be a solution.

I like lists ... they do help me keep somewhat focused. And lots of chicken scratch on paper that ends up tattered and torn with coffee stains :)

I make lists of goals I have, both short term (like the end of the month) and long term (end of 2015). Currently I'm working on a list of goals for 2015. How do you solve the focus problem?

Happy Knitting!

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