Thursday, October 4, 2018

That Wonderful Feeling ....

... of finishing a project. Whether it's crochet or knit, I just feel so excited when a project is off the hook or needle! I guess it's because I now have a new accessory or garment that I can wear or gift and it's unique. No one else has one just like it!

This week I finished a crochet shawl. 

This is yarn I bought at a San Francisco Yarn Shop - Atelier Yarns and is aptly named SF Fog. It's hand dyed by a local dyer and I believe is only available at this yarn shop. It is a light fingering weight yarn with merino, angora, and nylon. It just glows. So I've called this new shawl pattern Midnight Soirée.

Do you want to be one of the first to crochet this shawl? Head over to my group on Ravelry to read all the particulars (deadline to complete the shawl is November 5th). I would love to have to try out the pattern!

Happy Crocheting!