Saturday, August 31, 2013


GreenRidge Pullover
The testing has begun for my GreenRidge pullover. This design is based on a vintage sweater I saw in a magazine. It has ribbing knit in the round and the rest of the body is knit flat with a buttonband. It's cropped and I love it. Knit with about 1/2" of ease, I recommend negative 1 inch of ease if you like tight, form fitting sweaters to no more than 1" of positive ease. There is no waist shaping but if you would like to add some, change your needle size to a size smaller for 1" to 2" of body length around your waist.

The colorwork is achieved using slipped stitches so no stranded work is needed (only one yarn is used per row).  Short rows are used to create the sleeve shaping which is knit from the top down. No sewing required!

Enjoy your knitting!
GreenRidge Stitch Detail

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